The Top 10 Greatest Music Moments In The History Of Advertising

20 Jun 2014

This week the whole Synkio founding team has been in Cannes for the Cannes Lions. We’ve done masses of meetings, had a bit too much wine and gave a talk on Friday morning, the subject was the ‘Top 10 Music Moments in the History of Advertising’, a list compiled by over 60 music and advertising experts. Here’s the list.

10 - Oscar Meyer - “Weiner” - 1961

This one was used by Kraft for over 35 years, it’s catchy and a classic example of jingle writing at its best.

9 - Microsoft - “Start Me Up” - 1995

“Start Me Up” by Rolling Stones

The rumor is that Bill Gates asked Mick Jagger to use the ad and Jagger said ‘only if you pay $13m’. So Wild Bill agreed on the spot. Other sources say that was a fabrication by the Stones’ crafty PR team.

8 - Metro Trains Melbourne - “Dumb Ways to Die” - 2012

A big winner at Cannes Lion 2013 with 5 Grand Prix, 18 Gold Lions, 3 Silver Lions, 2 Bronze Lions.

7 - Pepsi - “Creation” - 1987

“Modern Love” by David Bowie (featuring Tina Turner)

This is one of the many Bowie adverts that could have made it into the top 10. This one just feels like such a classic. David Bowie + Tina Turner + Pepsi = Awesome. Also: when doing our research for this we found a bunch of other great Bowie ads

6 - T-Mobile - “myFaves Secret Lovers” - 2006

“Secret Loves” by Atlantic Starr

This ad was a surprise entry to the list… but when you see it you’ll just understand why it’s on here. The timing is absolutely perfect.

5 - Volkswagen - “Pink Moon” - 1999

“Pink Moon” by Nick Drake

This one is beautiful, affecting, and well… I love Nick Drake almost as much. The spirit of adventure is strong in this one… It was also VW’s first ad to be debuted on the internet.

4 - British Airways - “Flower Duet Lakme” - 1989

This one just exudes class.

3 - Coca Cola - “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing” - 1971

Coke later released this ad as a single in 1971 and the track went straight to #1. An interesting thing about that ad: the eventual total cost for the ad was $250,000 a staggering price in 1971 for an advertisement, but by today’s standards - nothing much.

2 - Chevy - “Like A Rock” - 1991

“Like A Rock” by Bob Seger

Ruggedness. America. Manliness. Chevy. Can’t any more than that really…

1 - Adidas - “Buy Adidas” - 1986

“My Adidas” by Run–D.M.C.

This ads message is super simple: “Buy Adidas”. It’s a fantastic example of a clear message made exponentially more powerful by putting an artist and a brand together. It’s easy to see why the group of music experts voted it #1.

Ben Perreau


Ben loves music and gets excited about what great songs can do to people.

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