4 essential creative production techniques to get your brief right

12 Aug 2014

Sometimes it’s hard to get your point across, or you’re pretty early in the creative process (or you’re not working with much!) and you want to try and describe what you’re after better. Here’s a few tips to help you do that, and work more efficiently.

1. Context

This one is obvious, I know - but give as much context to your brief as possible. Sometimes you’re down the rabbit hole, you’ve got used to a few ‘constants’ that somebody new won’t already know. Think about the emotions you’re trying to get across - is the production trying to convey a happy or a sad mood, be as descriptive as possible and if you’re lost for words, try knocking together a moodboard or a Pinterest board.

2. Doodles


This might sound counterproductive, you just want to get on with it right? Well research has shown that people who doodle find it easier to get into a state of flow. So get a pen and pad out and start the scrawl! Doesn’t matter what, just let your pen or pencil get creative before you start to put together the brief, it gets the brain working in a spatial way and you’ll find that ideas flow more freely - try it.

3. Reference Points

Think about other things around you that will provide reference - I’m not talking about soundalikes. Feel free to use elements of other artists, music or sounds that will help cut to clarity on what you’re after. External reference points will help you step outside of your mental model to help the other person triangulate a position against some absolutes.

4. Use the Synkio sliders!

This one is especially for when you’re building projects on Synkio. We created these sliders to help you use something standard to communicate what you want. Use them if you can, it really helps music professionals think down a specific route.

Screenshot of the Synkio sliders

There’s plenty more you can do, and it needn’t be time consuming - but being as clear as you can upfront, will always help start the conversation in the right direction.

Ben Perreau


Ben loves music

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