Star Wars' final 'Throne Room' scene reimagined minus John Williams

30 Sep 2014

A shot of the last scene in Star Wars IV

It’s hard to overestimate what a great score does for a movie. We know that. You know that.

Think of all the great movies you’ve seen, you’ll remember at least the soundtrack or the score, not only did it wonderfully manage the tension and the drama - it probably pulled a few emotional triggers, too. Think Boyhood without the incredibly curated soundtrack or any of John Williams films without his orchestral score.

Well you don’t need to use your imagination any more, there’s a fantastic piece of video doing the rounds, in which somebody has re-imagined Star Wars Episode IV’s famous Throne Room scene without John Williams’ triumphant score.

It was sent to us by our friend Nick at Video Company No Magnolia, who said “This takes one of the most well-known scenes from Star Wars and turns it into excruciating padding.”

It’s beautifully done, and funny too - if you’ve two minutes to kill, give this a go.

Ben Perreau


Ben loves music

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