Introducing: Synkio library

05 May 2015

Synkio library

We got lots of great feedback at Synkio from happy people who receive music suggestions from the record industry, and we still believe this is the best way to find curated music for your productions, but we’ve also had people ask for music they can browse, usually for smaller budgets.

A library?? Boring we thought. Let’s do it differently! So we’re launching a TOTALLY DIFFERENT kind of Library. Firstly we’ve created a living, heaving library that any enterprising, professional musician can contribute to, and benefit from. We’ve also built A-grade search tools and are curating the music by-hand. That way the great music you receive is the best stuff possible, picked from everything we receive.

Using these new tools you can easily browse whats on offer, and more new audio and music is added, daily. DAILY! None of that stale old stuff that other libraries use when they record a job-lot in the studio once, in a blue moon.

What’s more, you can find labels, composers and producers you like, and visit them again to see what they’ve produced. They have their own ‘Music Resumé’, so you can see exactly who you’re buying from, and do it again.

Ben Perreau


Ben loves music

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