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Happy Birthday

28 Sep 2015

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
You can now sing me for freeeee
Happy Birthday to you

Kind of. Sort of. Not at all!

A couple of tasty cakes

You may have heard last week that you can now use the song ‘Happy Birthday’ in your films, adverts and stupid singing birthday cards… for free.

But, that isn’t strictly the case. Here’s the real deal:

1) An LA judge found that Warner Chappell doesn’t have valid rights to the lyrics. Which means if you’ve been sued for using the lyrics you might be able to get your money back.

2) The lyrics may have another owner.

3) The lyrics are not public-domain nor is there currently a party that can license you the right to use them.

So, this little ditty is what’s known as an orphan and there is no safe way of using the work in your production at the moment.

‘Happy Birthday to unknown…..’

If you are working on that birthday scene and have any questions or just want to geek out about music licensing drop us a line or create a Synkio project and check out all your options.

Vince Lynch


Vince loves birthdays

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